Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books BlogTalk Radio - 1pm Melbourne time, today

Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books -- Beverley Eikli 01/02 by Bernadette Walsh | Books Podcasts

Today I'll be doing my first radio interview in the US with lovely fellow writer Bernadette Walsh as my host.

The first challenge was to get the time difference right. Hopefully I've actually *got* it right - in which case, you can hear me at 1pm Melbourne time - so in just under five hours.

Today at 1pm Melbourne, Australia, Time, I'm a guest on BlogTalk Radio, hosted by lovely fellow author, Bernadette Walsh.

I'll be talking about my historical romantic intrigues written under my Beverley Eikli name as well as my more sensual Beverley Oakley romantic intrigues.

I'll also be talking about my unusual, convoluted writing journey - starting with my first novel when I was 17 (and drowned the heroine on the last page) through my years writing while often the only woman on survey crews in Greenland, French Guiana, Africa and Europe - to finally getting "the call", winning a few competitions and awards along the way, and now having published 8 books.

Wish me luck and hope that my Aussie accent is clear and I don't get a mind blank. I'm an author who mostly works in silence, so this will be a test.

Here's the link:

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