Monday, December 30, 2013

Rake's Honour returns with a whole new look

A sensual, fast-paced roller-coaster to redemption with a sting in the tale.

Rake's Honour comes back to me in two weeks when my rights revert and I'll be re-launching it with a new cover and updated material. It has quite a history. It bombed as my first ever competition entry - ranking 2nd-to-last as my heroine was
too 'bitchy and unsympathetic'. I then rewrote it so that it won the same RWA competition the following year. It was requested by Avon, but...alas, Fanny Brightwell, my heroine, was still too bitchy. After publishing three books in the interim, I revised the story to become a novella in which Fanny prevails, coming up trumps in a feisty, sensual but moralising piece with a real sting in the tail.
I say moralising, in the sense that the moral of the story is "Make Hay While the Sun Shines."

In the meantime, the file is being prepared in Malta while my graphic designer in South Australia is working on my chosen image, to the right. I'm keen to see what she comes up with once she's put in the background and a title.
It'll then be available on Amazon, All Romance ebooks, apple, ibooks, Barnes & Noble, etc, for $2.99.

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