Sunday, January 19, 2014

1904 Savoye Corset - my next project

I have membership to an excellent site called Foundations Revealed. Today this fabulous 1904 Savoye corset popped up. I'd ordered corsetry materials - spiral metal boning and busk for an 1880s corset I'd planned to make, however I've now decided to have a crack at this one only I'll do it in midnight blue dupion with black chantilly lace (or something equally gorgeous).

Once I begin I'll post step-by-steps as I work out the pattern pieces and do a toile.

I had great fun making these 1780s stays, below, for my Georgian costume (full construction details are on historical honey The picture's not great since it's not laced up with the right pressure. My usual 'lady's maid' - i.e., my husband - wasn't on hand for a costume event I was attending, and my 12 year old had trouble helping me. But it's surprisingly comfortable. More like a back brace or support than anything, as it's not designed to cinch in the waist.

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