Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Saving Grace

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Well here it is!

My long-awaited Pan Macmillan Momentum story Saving Grace is now up on Amazon and available for liking, tagging and even pre-ordering.

Here's the premise to tickle your taste buds:

It’s 1878 and London’s most beautiful and hard-hearted prostitute, Grace Fortune, is preparing for her next job. She’s the special initiation ‘gift’ procured by a mother in fashionable Mayfair for her son’s twenty-first birthday.

When Grace discovers she is to be servicing the man whose secret she’d guarded at the cost of her once-secure position as a housemaid and whose betrayal has plunged her into this hated life, she wants revenge.

That is, until the re-emergence of malevolent forces that destroyed the couple’s young love. Now David and Grace must reconcile the past and fight for a different kind of justice to salvage their dignity and find happiness.

This story is rated "Medium Hot" (3 out of 5 flames) and contains F/M pairings.

You can order it from Amazon here.

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