Friday, November 2, 2012

Ellora's Cave Cover Art

It's always exciting to receive the cover art of one's next book. I've been particularly spoiled, with two covers in three weeks. Here's the latest from the first in my new series for Ellora's Cave. The series is about a viscount's legitimate family - his wife of 20 years and their two daughters - and his illegitimate family, which includes a son and two daughters. The children obviously have very different experiences and expectations on account of which side of the blanket they were born.

Book One - Her Gilded Prison - has the following premise: 

The lovely Lady Sybil’s 20-year marriage has not produced an heir - which is hardly surprising since her husband cannot bear to be parted from his long-term mistress.

When heir-apparent, handsome cousin Stephen arrives at Grange Hall to be briefed on his duties as the next Viscount Partington, he sets many feminine hearts a-flutter, including those of Sybil’s two daughters: plain, dumpy Hetty and fiery, exquisite Araminta.

Then a unwelcome contender for the viscountancy emerges. Presumed dead, Edgar turns out not to have died on the battlefield - but nor has he distinguished himself there, either.

In order that mutton-headed Edgar never inherit what her husband has spent his lifetime creating, Lady Sybil devises an extraordinary plan...

In his wildest dreams, Cousin Stephen never expected his duties would be so diverse.

I don't yet have a release date but I'm hoping the book will be out in time for next year's Romantic Times Convention which I'll be attending in Kansas City in early May.

Eivind will fly me over and the plan is then to go on a 10-day motorcycle ride through California and Nevada before Eivind flies back to Australia while I attend the 5-day conference. He'll then return to LA with the girls to meet me and and we'll take them for a week's holiday to Disneyland.

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