Thursday, March 8, 2012

Promo - Too Little or Too Much

While I now have two author names I reasoned I wouldn't have to do twice as much promo. Besides, how much is too much, and how much does it really count?

For three years I've promoted my lavish hardcovers, published by Robert Hale, with author talks and interviews and a bit of blogging. The books were acquired by a number of libraries, and expensive in Australia, so I chose to ignore popular romance sites on the web to promote them.

In January Robert Hale released my Regency Intrigue Lady Farquhar's Butterfly (under my original writing name Beverley Eikli) as an e-book. A week later, Total-e-Bound released my sensual Regency Historical, Rake's Honour (published under my new pseudonym, Beverley Oakley).

Since then, I've been working overtime to promote both of them. That's meant, often, two different author pages on many sites. I've kept my picture and bio the same but the heat level of each is different - though the level of plot and intrigue is similar. I don't want one of my traditional readers of a Beverley Eikli to find themselves blushing at a Beverley Oakley.

My stories are about women, trapped by convention in a man's world, trying to follow their dreams. Sometimes my heroines are feisty - such as Fanny Brightwell as in Rake's Honour;  sometimes they've had the fire knocked out of them by abusive and drunken husbands - such as Olivia in Lady Farquhar's Butterfly; or sometimes they're still desperately in love with their husbands but don't know how to navigate the matter of procreation - or minimising it - as is the case with Cressida - in my July 2 release Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma - who has five children by the age of 25.

So I've been blogging, advertising with The Romance Studio, The Romance Reviews, Night Owl Reviews, updating my bio with Amazon. I've even tweeted a little (@BeverleyOakley), though I'm still learning the ropes.

Will it make a difference?

Well, I'm learning a lot, both about the process and other writers and their work so that's not a bad thing.

As for the decision to take a pseudonym... only time will tell whether I've made a rod for my own back.

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