Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aussie actor was a great icebreaker

Rob took this of me with my 2014 release, behind -
The Maid of Milan. I look a little mealie-mouthed.

I'm very happy to say the costume talk was great, very well attended, people enjoyed it, Romsey Library put on a fabulous afternoon tea, and I sold quite a few books.

I now also have a chauffeur and someone to introduce me, for this, and my upcoming talks...thank you, Rob Greer :)

Rob is one of my former writing students, a charming, charismatic retired stage and screen actor who appeared on Aussie television in favourites like Homocide and Division Four, as well as overseas with English actors, including Derek Nimmo and Sid James.

Not only did Rob pick me up and drive me to Romsey - after DH had laced me into my corset and helped me into my regalia - he provided a spontaneous and hugely appreciated ice-breaker.

I was in a back room doing last-minute preparations as the audience was seating themselves, and when I approached the side entrance to do the talk, Rob was up the front entertaining the room with his jokes. These went down really well, and no sooner had Rob sat down than an Irish gentleman sitting in the front row stood up and told his own joke. So there was my ice breaker, and a wonderful way to get everyone relaxed and already enjoying themselves by the time I walked on to talk about the changes in fashion from 1760 - 1820. One of the women asked Rob if he was my father so he reckoned that at the Kyneton Library talk on November 14th he'll give them some touching anecdote about 'my childhood'. 

Here's a nice added extra: one of the ladies tapped me on the shoulder during the tea, afterwards, and told me her friend had read The Reluctant Bride in a weekend. She added, "My friend said I had to read it, too, so it was just such a coincidence that you were doing this talk in Romsey."

Now everybody, one final thing - please drop by The Romance Reviews End of Year Splash Party to answer an easy question on The Reluctant Bride in order to win a prize. There are loads of prizes to be won, and my book is up there from November 1 - 5.

I'd love to see you! 

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