Sunday, May 19, 2013

Romantic Times - both in Kansas City and on our Californian Motorcyle Trip

So, it started with the RT... The idea of going to the US, that is. I'd just signed up for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2013, held in Kansas City, when Eivind suggested we turn it into a holiday the two of us could share. He's a pilot and keeps a motorcycle at the hotel so it's always there when he and the crew have their layovers. For some time he'd been keen to have me see the world from a different perspective - riding pillion on the back of his BMW R1150 GS.(I'd been on a motorbike for less than an hour before this trip.)

Well, what an amazing four weeks it was! I can hardly believe I've been
back from the States for over a week now.

We had big expectations and they were all exceeded.
I loved the US and I met so many fabulous people.

Probably the only thing we didn't do was renew our marriage vows since we decided to go to Cirque du Soleil instead.

Anyway, I'll let the pictures tell the story, starting with a few from the RT convention. I had an absolute ball, sharing a room at the Sheraton Crowne Plaza with my Choc-Lit editor, Rachel Skinner, and meeting my fellow Chocliteers - such a nice group of women who feature in many of the pictures, below.

Here I am by the poster pointing out the
beautiful cover of my September release with Choc-Lit,
The Reluctant Bride (under my Beverley Eikli

At the e-Book expo with the
groovy posters Ellora's Cave had organised
Fellow Chocliteer Liz Harris by the Choc-Lit
banner with her book cover of The Road Back
All glammed up for the Thursday night ball: Fellow Chocliteers:
L-R: Sue Moorecroft, Lyn Vernon, Evonne Wareham,
Beverley Eikli, Christina Courtenay, Liz Harris. (The dress I
wore was one I'd made 30 years ago when doing costume
design at the London School of Fashion.)
Pia (Christina Courtenay), Evonne and Liz at the Formal Dinner
They all looked fabulous!

Getting organised for the Pride & Prejudice session.
Plenty of chocolate and beautiful place-settings plus Juliet and her
son Will, who played Mr Darcy, made this another very popular
Choc-Lit event.

Another gala evening (can't remember which, there were so

Me with fellow Aussie, erotic romance author Lexxie Couper

Choc-Lit director Lyn Vernon and my editor, Rachel Skinner
The Happy Chocliteers - our British (and my Aussie) accent
really stood out amongst the 2000+ delegates at the Convention

Here's my editor Rachel demonstrating
what she'll do if I don't get my edits in on time.
The Reluctant Bride goes to the printers in mid
July and will be released on September 15 (provided I get my edits in on time:)).
Lovely author Marcia King-Gamble and the equally
lovely Sue Moorecroft
at Club RT 

Gorgeous hubby, Eivind,  kitted out with the Go-Pro camera
on his helmet to record our Californian
trip, making our way up the Big Sur
Beautiful light at Joshua Tree with Eivind's BMW R1150 GS
and our Exped Orion 3 tent, behind. The tent did us proud
for our 3 weeks (occasionally interspersed with a really
nice hotel or cottage).
Eivind and me getting sunburnt at Joshua Tree. We stayed
an extra day because we enjoyed it so much. By this stage
we'd had no running water for 4 days. 
Las Vegas attending Cirque du Soleil's Zumalia

After 3 weeks of camping and motorcycling
there were no marital tiffs, I'm happy to report. A ready supply of wine and firewood
in the panniers and no domestic drudgery or whingeing
children (whom we sometimes missed) probably helped.

We decided on the spur of the moment to take a 5-hour detour
to see the Grand Canyon, arriving just as the sun was setting.
Great campsite, too.

So there you have it - just a taster of a truly amazing and diverse four weeks - my first visit to the United States.
Loved it!


  1. You do live a charmed life, Beverley! Glad you had a good time while you were here, and I am so glad we got to meet each other!

  2. Thanks Susana, I'm so glad we met, too. I've been following your success with 'Treasuring Teresa' and am so pleased for you!

  3. Beverley, that is the most precious pic of you and hubby at Joshua Tree with the bike and tent in the background, made even more precious knowing you hadn't had running water in 4 days and still loved each other enough to get that close. :) Your whole road trip is inspirational, both the adventure and maritally!

    And I loved being your roommate!!

    1. Being that close for 3 weeks - in tents and bikes - after 20 years of marriage was absolutely fascinating. How different it is when you're removed from all the comforts and familiarity of home, children, routine, etc... We had wonderful conversations round the campfire.

      And then I went from sharing a tent with Eivind to a hotel room with you... and had equally fascinating but very different conversations:) Great time all round!!

  4. Fascinating to come along with you (virtually)on your trip and to share it with your husband must have been so special.
    Angela Britnell

    1. Thanks, Angela. Wouldn't it be nice to coincide a trip to the UK? I'd love to meet you and all the Chocliteers I didn't meet at RT.

  5. Loved your blog, Beverley, and I so enjoyed getting to know you (a little bit) at the manic Booklovers Convention. I look forward to meeting you again in December or January.

    Liz X

    1. Thanks, Liz. I look forward to getting to know you even better when we make it to the UK later this year or early next!

  6. Great blog Beverley and it was lovely to meet you! Hope to see you soon again :-) xx

  7. Thanks, Christina. I really hope to see you again, too:) You and Eivind can chat in Swedish and Norwegian.

  8. What a fabulous post, Beverley - jealous, me? Never LOL! Looks wonderful. Was going to ask how you survived with no marital tiffs? Then I remembered the wine and no kids bit. Fabulous! X

    1. Thanks, Sarah - I'd recommend getting away for a holiday without the kids to anyone. Makes you love them (kids and husband) so much more!

  9. What a nice blog, I'm so happy for you to visit the United States. Love all the photos you put on here about your experience. I would love to read the "The Reluctant Bride" sound really good.
    I'm new here, just found you and I think I got a new Author to read, thanks!
    Donna Harris

    1. Hi Donna,

      So nice to "meet" you:) I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and like the sound of The Reluctant Bride. Thank you! I'm really excited about it.

      Best wishes,