Saturday, May 4, 2013

Having a Blast at Romantic Times Book lovers Convention

This is what Rachel Skinner, my editor
(pictured back) will do if I don't
get my edits in on time.
We've had a real blast at the RT convention - my first though I've met so many people who've been coming for years.

There have been other great authors to meet, as well as my Choc-Lit fellow authors and our wonderful director, Lyn Vernon, whom I've met for the first time. I'm also sharing a room with the lovely Rachel Skinner who is pictured standing behind me at Rosie Gulch's saloon.

The book signing was a lot of fun and so was the Ellora's Cave disco where I walked across the stage with a Caveman after a fab dinner and before the disco dancing. EC then put on a lovely Thursday brunch for their authors and gave away absolutely beautiful bags in a range of colours to all of us.

We at Choc-Lit ran a panel on Irresistible Heroes and also a chocolate tasting session. Then there was the Heather Gramam Vampire party last night and the formal ball the night before.

Stay tuned for more RT photos, everyone!

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