Sunday, July 1, 2012

Release Day for Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma

Release Day! It never loses its edge, the thrill of that day. My second sensual Regency Historical - Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma - comes out today with the following premise:

The eight—year marriage of the once mutually-adoring couple, Lord and Lady Lovett, is rejuvenated through the anonymous counsel of Lord Lovett’s former mistress.
Eight years of marriage has not dimmed Cressida, Lady Lovett’s, love for her husband, but the birth of five children has cooled her ardour.
Now rumours are circulating that the kind, dashing and seemingly ever—patient Justin, Lord Lovett, has returned to the arms of his former mistress and Cressida believes her choices are stark—welcome her husband back to the marital bed and risk a sixth pregnancy she fears will kill her, or lose him forever.
With the astonishing discovery that methods exist to enable the innocent Cressida to transform herself into the vixen of her husband’s dreams without expanding her nursery, she seeks to repay the woman responsible for her empowerment...only to discover her unlikely benefactress was, and perhaps still is, her husband’s mistress.
I loved writing this story as the main couple are so devoted yet they really are trapped by their nineteenth century upbringings. Cressida doesn't have the knowledge, let alone the vocabulary, to articulate her fears while Justin believes she's shifted her focus from loving him to loving only their children.
When Cressida stumbles upon a woman who can help her, she also stumbles upon a twenty-year-old mystery. Now there is someone weaker than herself who needs championing and this is where Cressida really finds the courage to stand up to society and society's strictures.
I hope you enjoy the story. You can buy it here at:

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