Saturday, February 18, 2012

Win an e-copy of Rake's Honour

Today I'm blogging with the lovely Maria-Claire Payne, a fellow Total-e-Bound writer at: 

Maria-Claire is one energetic gal - as you can see from her blog! I've included an excerpt of Rake's Honour and a bit about me.

Meanwhile, this is no ordinary Sunday as I've stayed over to look after my two nephews, together with my two girls, so my sister could go away for a party overnight with her husband, and mine could.... study at our home! (That's what happens when you're married to a pilot. Sleep and study and time away from home flying mean that I look after the kids a fair bit.) However, dh took our six-year-old on a special daddy/daughter trip to buy her the roller skates she's been saving up for. 

Last night was a very broken up night with my two-year-old nephew looking for his mummy but now the kids are eating breakfast and I've snatched a quiet couple of minutes.

Anyway, tell me what you like about the cover art and you're in the pool to win a copy of Rake's Honour.

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