Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thank you - & back to the hard work

Thank you to everyone who dropped by at one of the 48 stops of my Blog Tour to leave a comment. I felt very well supported. A random winner has now been chosen for commenting and I'll be sending Eva her $20 Amazon Gift Voucher very soon.

So now it's back to the hard slog of working on my current project, Lammergeier Rock, my Lesotho-set illegal diamond buying romantic suspense.

I just wish it felt like I was doing justice to it. I'm pretty tired out by the promoting I've been doing for The Reluctant Bride and I really shouldn't be obsessing over rankings but I do wonder why Amazon UK rankings are so much better than rankings when I feel I do much more promoting here and in the US. No doubt it's because my publisher Choc Lit and their amazing publicists are so good at their jobs.

But what really cheers me up is that the reviews have been consistently very good - even great! Slowly they're trickling in and I'm fascinated by what people find to stay about it: 'This book has a slow boil. It starts as a romance and quickly turns into a fantastic action/adventure story'. It's been called "The darker side of the Regency' and a gripping Napoleonic espionage romance.

And after all, it's not officially released in paperback until next Sunday, September 15.

So, it's time to stop wasting time looking at rankings and instead concentrate on what actually brings results.

Off to ice the macaroons I've made for tonight's Presentation at Bendigo Writers Council where I'm the guest speaker and will be wearing my 1780s polonaise and talking about 'It's all the Detail'.

Now that's something I'm really looking forward to.

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