Friday, August 9, 2013

Sir Spencer Perceval and the Book Blast

Well, there is is! The banner for my forthcoming Virtual Book Tour which starts on September 2 and features lots of enticing excerpts of my Regency espionage Romance, The Reluctant Bride.
Soon I'll post the list of blog stops, so stay tuned.

In other exciting happenings, the journalist of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine in the UK sent me the PDF of the Family Hero page in which I talk about my ancestor Sir Spencer Perceval, the only British PM to be assassinated (in 1812, the year my novel finishes).

Choc Lit's Publicist, Luke, has also been very clever in finding all sorts of places to promote the book. My article 'Knitting up the Skeleton Coast' will be appearing soon in UK Knitting. It's about my working as an airborne geophysical survey operator. During survey lines of 100s of kms I preferred to keep my hands busy knitting as I monitored the computer equipment in the back of the plane.

So keep an eye out for that one, together with lots of photographs:)

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