Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Couture Corsets and Publishing Books

Today I published Lady Sarah's Redemption on Smashwords and bought the beautiful couture vintage corset, below - on impulse.

For months I'd been eyeing out the beautiful range of boned corsets at What Katie Did but as they cost around the two hundred (UK) pounds mark, I confined my corset envy to admiration from afar.

Now, it just so happens that my publisher, Total-E-Bound, is sponsoring a competition where they are contributing 100 pounds towards a Couture Corset for readers who are entered into the draw when they buy a copy of one of four books in the Bodices & Boudoirs collection. This includes my erotic English Civil War romance The Cavalier (details on my Beverley Oakley Books page).

Buy now for a chance to win
a Couture Corset
So there I was, preparing my blog about the release of The Cavalier and the Couture Corset competition for my August 9th slot at The Romance Studios and was checking the link to What Katie Did when, lo and behold, I discovered they were holding a fantastic sale with some lingerie reduced to nearly a third of the price, including the beautiful 'Antoinette' corset, below, and above, right that I'd fallen in love with. It was all the impetus I needed to click the Buy button.
So, with a competition like the B&B's Couture Corsets, why not do the same!

  Sale Showgirl Velvet Antoinette Corset
The link below will take you to the full collection...
Half price clearance sale - now just £75!
This breathtakingly beautiful steel boned corset could be the piece-de-resistance of our Showgirl collection. Or, the icing on the cake, if you'll pardon the pun!
The base for the design is our Antoinette overbust corset once again, but the resulting creation is anything but standard. The fabric is scarlet satin, overlaid with black floral flocking, which is echoed in the rich black velvet overboning and modesty panel. Opulent, decadent, just like the Dauphine herself, the Velvet Antoinette features a balconette bustline for gently uplifted and firmly supported breasts, and gored hips for a ravishingly wasp-waisted silhouette.
It's suitable for most shapes, and for seasoned and inexperienced corset-wearers alike as it's easy to wear and comfortable despite allowing a greater waist reduction than our non-gored versions. Wear it on a night out and you'll be stopping traffic... wear it on a night in and you might have the same effect on hearts!

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