Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogging about my Journey to Publication.

My latest book, Rake's Honour, is my first written under the pseudonym Beverley Oakley. Today at ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) I talk about my journey to publication and why I had to take a pseudonym. You can read it at:

It's also been a big week in other ways. My husband took a turn for the worst with what we thought was a recurrent bout of malaria and my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback best friend, Homer, was attacked as I walked the girls to school when a dog jumped the fence. Poor Homer needed 8 stitches and we now call him 'patchwork dog' as he was recovering from an earlier operation on his opposite flank.

However, we all got our HEA. Eivind's much better - weak, but ready to go back to flying next Wednesday. Homer is fine and still romping around any fluffy white dog he sees in case it turns out to be his best friend, Roxy, from whom he was tragically parted when we moved to Victoria. I feel most sorry for the owners of the dog who attacked Homer. They're lovely people who'd rescued their dog from a dog home so as to give him a new lease of life. But while he's proved loyal to his human family he's unreliable with other dogs.

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