Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New cover Art & Great Review

I love the new cover I've just been sent of my Beverley Oakley July 2 release, Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma, which has the following blurb:

Eight years of marriage has not dimmed Cressida, Lady Lovett’s love for her husband but the birth of five children has cooled her ardour.
Now rumours are circulating that the kind, dashing and seemingly ever-patient Justin, Lord Lovett, has returned to the arms of his former mistress and Cressida believes her choices are stark: welcome her husband back to the marital bed and risk a sixth pregnancy she fears will kill her, or lose him forever.
With the astonishing discovery that methods exist to enable the innocent Cressida to transform herself into the vixen of her husband’s dreams without expanding her nursery, she seeks to repay the woman responsible for her empowerment … only to discover her unlikely benefactress was, and perhaps still is, her husband’s mistress.

And a another fabulous 5-star Review from Booked Up Reviews

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
I usually don’t like to read too many historical books because I find them boring, unreal, or full of errors. But this one was wonderful!

Miss Fanny Brightwell has to marry a rich man because her father lost everything before he died. When Alverley, the man Miss Fanny hoped to marry tells her that he wants her just as his mistress, she is devastated; that means that she'll have to marry the pestilential Lord Slyther, but that night she meets Viscount Fenton.

At first, Lord Fenton wants to marry her… however, after some lies by a jealous man and some misunderstandings he believes that Miss Fanny was a consummate lover and he offers carte blanche instead.

What a splendid book! I loved every moment of it. Ms. Beverley Oakley created an original and amazing plot. She keeps our attention through the whole book. And the characters… what can I say? Outstanding! I loved Mis Fanny and adore Lord Fenton. I enjoyed with their misunderstanding and I was delighted by their torrid and passionate meetings. And the end… made me burst out laughing. It rocks!

5 stars for her and I can hardly wait to read her new release… Ms. Beverley Oakley, I’m not above begging for more! I expect I won’t have to wait too much longer for it, you are now one of my favorite writers.

Publisher: Total E-Bound
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


  1. Bev, it's an absolutely gorgeous cover. You must be thrilled.
    Oh, and a brilliant review.