Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a beautiful day - even though I haven't had a glass of wine and the kids have put sticky fingers on my keyboard.

It's the last weekend before the school holidays so with a lovely little friend to amuse the girls I got half way through the novella I'm submitting for an anthology to be published by a group of Australian writers.

If it doesn't make the cut I'll see if my lovely TEB editor, Rebecca, likes it. It's 8000 words with a twist in the tail... haven't got to the end but I've spent enough hours pot-boiling it so I think it'll work out.

Busy, busy on other things, mainly promo. I'm part of the Web hunt at Night Owl Reviews and I'm also building up my Beverley Oakley Facebook page. Have a look and give me suggestions as to how to improve it. I'm learning on the hoof!

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